Other Products Offered

I’ve got a wealth of products available to my clients. After becoming a distributer for Barker’s Brunch, we’ve also become distributers for Lupine, and have professional sourcing for Isle of Dog, and Gentle Leader head collars. 

Let me help you with your training and grooming needs!  

Below you will find a few of our favourites here at Heeling NRG. These are not items that I keep stock of, but I do put in orders every 8-12 weeks, more often if necessary. 

Isle of Dog 

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the smell of IOD’s Cotton Robe. I also adore their Red Berries & Champagne. I’ve recently become very fond of their grooming sprays after falling hard for their professional line of shampoos and conditioners years ago. If you want your dog to look ready to walk in the show ring, these are the products for you! 


What more can you say than “Guarenteed EVEN IF CHEWED!” It’s a personal preference, but while I love the cute prints in the Originals, my preference is for the Basics line for leashes. I prefere the feel of the leash in my hands. It’s light weight, has a solid snap, and a comfortable padded handle. I’ve been using them for close to ten years and I haven’t found that the colours run. Over the years -and lots of sun- I have found that the brighter colours fade, but that’s pretty standard with all nylon. 

At this time I have a small limited amount of stock on hand in 9-14" and 13-22” collars and matching leashes in the Originals line. 

Gentle Leader

I love my GLs. No other way to say it. They give you control of the dog’s head, and they make walking a joy while you teach the loose-leash walk. Make no mistake, this is a tool, not a fix; you still need to teach the walk you want. There are many other options out there for head collars -and believe me, I’ve tried most of them!- but I keep coming back to the simple design of the Gentle Leader. They fit better, stay on more securely, and are much more effective because of the way they’re made. 

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